Levi Presley IV
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This memorial website was created in loving memory of our precious son, Levi Walton Presley IV who was born in Mesa, Arizona on August 05, 1985 and passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 13, 2002 at the age of 16. He will be remembered by his loving kindness, his smile and his sweet attitude about life.  May his soul rest in eternal peace. 
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A fallen Hero   / Jesse Pino (Best Friend )
hello everyone My name is Jesse Pino, and Levi was one of my closest and best friends.  we started taekwondo together.  He was 7 and i was 8.  through the years we grew up together inside and outside the taekwondo do-jang.  when h...  Continue >>
A Good friend   / Nathan Chou (Student)
While i was cleaning out some old things around my room, i found a patch that a received awhile back when i used to be in ATA. And i saw a red and blue yin yang sign with the letters "LP" and i thought to myself, omg its been this long? I was only in...  Continue >>
RIP  / Cherie K. (none)
RIP, Levi. Thinking about you and all like you.
Childhood Friends   / Rhett Jordan (Childhood Friend )
In a search for an old friend this was the last thing that I expected to find. Levi and I were good friends way back at C.H. Decker elementary school. We got a chance to spend some time together when I came back to Las Vegas to visit in 199...  Continue >>
:(  / Amanda M. (classmate at Guinn )
my condolences.
To this Day....  / Theo Sutton (Classmate/Drove same Highschool Bus )    Read >>
Still to this day.  / James Sarlo (Close friends. )    Read >>
My precious baby - Boomer  / Mom     Read >>
In Loving Memory  / Brandy B. (Friend)    Read >>
My Nephew & Favorite Cousin to my children  / Candy Whiting (Aunt)    Read >>
My brother  / Tyler James (Best friend )    Read >>
Missing you  / Kaie W. (Friend)    Read >>
Too soon  / Holly S. (friend)    Read >>
Butterflies....... / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy     Read >>
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This is how Boomer wants me, happy and smiling again.
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